A Review of “The Pathfinder” by Nicholas Lore

The Pathfinder by Nicholas Lore is not a book that one reads; rather, it is a tool that one uses to explore oneself by investigating various aspects of one’s personality and one’s needs, skills, and interests in order to arrive at discovering one’s purpose in life. So it is much, much more than a career-finding book; it is a manual for life. The subtitle reads How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success. A tall order, but one that is filled by providing the reader with a plethora of exercises designed to help one get to know one’s true self.

Times have changed significantly over the years, and one no longer goes out in search of a job nowadays, but must slowly and carefully search inside in order to find a career that is fulfilling. The worst thing a person can do is rush into a job whereby the individual spends most of the day staring at the clock, wistfully waiting for it to be time to go home, and spending Sundays dreading the thought of having to get up and go to work on Monday morning.

This author has done an excellent job of asking all the right questions in an entertaining fashion, in order to match the reader to a career that he or she will love and look forward to, a career that has just the right amount of challenges to it that will keep it interesting but not be too difficult, a career that the reader can make positive contributions to and remain satisfied with for years to come.

I’ve taken an assortment of aptitude tests in the past that were designed (unsuccessfully) to sum up what I should do with my life, but this author has found the means of providing all the right tools to help me select the career that I know in my heart is best suited for me, which is being a Software Developer. If should now go and choose something else and am not happy, it will be my own fault, because this book was the perfect career matchmaker.